Congrats and Welcome To Aurox Web

2020 is YOUR Year, and using Aurox, you'll be able to make it the most profitable year

Creating Workspaces


Follow The Link Below To Access Aurox... Then watch the videos below to get deeper insight on using Aurox successfully

Using Pair Editor

A quick start guide on how to create simple workspaces that will help you stay organized and laser focused on what matters... making incredible trades


There Is So Much More To Come... 

We have so many amazing functionalities planned, so stay tuned and keep using Aurox daily to show us your support!

Advanced Indicators

The most important functionality of Aurox, the indicators that are created to help you PRINT money.

Time & Sales

Ever wonder where whales are entering the market? Wonder no more, quickly filter out the bots and view the biggest orders.


We can't be online 24/7, so set alerts on indicators, and prices to be notified when important crosses happen. In addition, set it up with webhooks and execute automated trades on other platforms.

Our widgets require pairs to operate. In this video we go over how to create pairs, pin them to the task bar, and then multiple different ways to apply pairs to widgets

This video goes over how to launch widgets, resize them, and orient them to your liking.

Note: Please take into account that Aurox was designed to be used mainly on your computer. It does also support mobile, but it is in early beta.

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Using Aurox Indicator Successfully

We've done the hard work for you with the Aurox indicator, but if you follow these few tips and tricks, you'll easily profit with our indicator